Mengatasi Hilangnya Visual Editor di WordPress

If you go to publish a new post or page on your blog and find that the Visual Editor is absent from view,please don’t panic. This is most likely due to a browser cache error or a simple misconfiguration in your user profile. Here is how you should proceed:

Check to make sure that the Visual Editor is not disabled in your user profile.

Access your user profile and uncheck the Disable the visual editor when writing option in the Personal Options section.

Tip: Your user profile can also be quickly accessed in your dashboard via the Users -> Your Profile menu option:

profile user

All information contained within your user profile will be active for all blogs owned by that particular user account. The majority of the information here is not used or displayed publicly on We may launch some features in the future that work more with the information contained within your user profile.

Visual Editor: Check this option if you wish to only use the HTML editor when creating posts and pages. For the hardcore.

Admin Color Scheme: Choose between 2 schemes to use with your dashboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts: You probably didn’t even know you could use these! Please see for more information.

Browser Connection: Use HTTPS when navigating your dashboard.

Interface Language: Set the primary language of your dashboard. To set the language of your actual blog, go to Settings -> General.

Primary Blog: You can choose among all blogs that you currently manage. If you only have one blog, there will be no drop-down menu available.



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